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About Us

Pugchha is the brand name of Asin Media Private Limited, Pugchha Online and Web Applications with a multimedia platform. Pugchha is one of the Finest and largest news portal of Nepal. Pugchha Online ( is visited 1 million unique visitors. Pugchha has more than 100 reporters who get free content access published and broadcasted on online platform.

Pugchha reaches to eighty percent of geography and people. Due to the landscape, many areas in Nepal still lack the access to television and print media. Our network serves people of such geography with the latest news and information. Apart from staffs in central level (based in Kathmandu), out of seventy-seven districts in Nepal, Pugchha has district reporters in seventy seven districts. 

Pugchha has gained such a goodwill over the time that aspiring journalists and amateurs see Pugchha as one of the best media platforms to expand their skills and knowledge and uplift their career in the field of journalism.

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